Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So I had a really busy couple of weeks. I did manage to get a few small projects done. I reorganised my kitchen drawers with these, lined and organised my dresser drawers, organised my linen closet, bought bins 10 for 16$ they are the shoe box size at Bed Bath & Beyond. I have used two of them for the kids blocks and one for the craft odds and ends. It is AMAZING how much the small things I was able to get done these past few weeks have inspired me to do more. Slowly it is turning into a fun job and less of a chore. I hope to get some photos up soon. I am going to attempt building a bookcase that I am turning into a shoe bench for next to the sliding door(the main door that is used) If I do find time I will try to remember to take pics of the process. I found the plans here It looks pretty simple. I post if it is truley simple to do for the non-crafty/organized person. =)

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