Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYE 2011 Ya baby

OK so on NYE this year I swore up and down I wasn't in the mood to throw a party. I was not feeling well and so tired after only a total of 4 hrs sleep in 4 days thanks to a lovely sisters airplane travel and my lack of organisation....LOL went to pick her up at midnight on the wrong day lol..... Anyhoo my kids convinced me to throw a party so at 1pm on the 31 I finally relented  (i really think deep down I wanted to all along) So...............Here is what I was able to pull together in a matter of hrs. Love a last minuet party. Sorry the pics are dark and off colored the settings were wrong on the camera and I didn't realize until it was too late.

I put the numbers 1-10 with a silver metallic sharpie on the wine glasses. (I used stickers for the plastic kids wine glasses)
Dollar store hurricane vase with those glass bead/rock things and candle(also purchased at the dollar store) the same silver metallic sharpie= a $3 NYE decoration. I placed these on square mirrors left over from my wedding this past Aug. On the mirrors I placed two tea lights and wrote 2011 on them as well.
I  had four or five of these placed around the house. This one was on the dessert table.

Made two cake stands with dollar store plates that had a silver/gold trim on the edge and a martini glass. I Filled the martini glass with tinsel and placed the plate on top of  the martini glass. I then wrote 2011 on them
I made two for 2$ I had the martini glasses on hand. I then ran out to the store and purchased cupcakes, cookie mix, frosting. I had the truffles left over from Christmas. I put 2011 on the cookies with the frosting.

The main table...Again sorry about the color and the painted paneling(YAAY I finally get to tackle drywalling the living room in a few months) I took some framed mirrors and wrote Happy NYE  2011 on them we had honey wheat rolls and a meat and cheese plate, chips queso and salsa, mixed nuts, fudge my neighbor made and these chocolate balls of heaven she makes...I HAVE to get that recipe!
I placed noise makers in vases, hats, and crowns in gold and silver through out the house in little groupings.

now for the obligatory cute kids photos.....lol aren't they cute though.....I just love them and so for them I threw a last minuet New years eve party! I am actually pretty proud of how it turned out seeing as I only had a few short hrs to shower, clean, and prepare for a party let alone decorate. I wish the camera was better but hey.....
Happy New years 2011 to everyone I hope its a great year for you all!!

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