Sunday, January 9, 2011

To whitewash or to leave natural? That is the question

I love brick as much as the next person but I have the MOST hideous fireplace and bookcase. It's straight out of the 70's! I am to scared to paint it(bit of a decor commitment phobic) I have been blog stalking for a few days now and have seen a lot of really nice redone fireplaces. From new tile (outta my budget right now) to white wash and paint (more up my alley$$ but so permanent) here is a pic of what I am working with.......ummmm......I should warn you its not pretty, Its NOT organized, Its not me!!! I avoid this area at all costs so please keep that in mind as I show this judging allowed here where the messy unorganised learn to clean up their act =P

Now Here is my plan.... I want to paint the book case white and the inside a accent color( haven't decided if I am going with a grey or a Green or sticking to red) I have to CLEAN the fire place obviously, I want a mantle that is defined and I would like to tone down the dark fireplace. It is actually that ugly brown orangy brick color. It looks more red here but I am not a photographer and in real life trust me its DARK!

SO here are some of my ideas.

  1. White washing the fireplace
  2. cleaning out and painting the bookcase
  3. Getting storage containers for the toys and clutter in the bookcase
  4. changing out my curtains (WHITE here I come!)
  5. paint the walls and ceiling( they are goldish and red right now I am going with a warm light grey....i think....)
So there is my before and Now I  HAVE to get on it lol. I hope to be done with the bookcase this weekend(so today) and the wall color by mid week and the curtains by next week and then if I still feel the need to white wash the fire place I will.......I am sooooo scared

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