Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dinner is served maaannnn.....

So it has been a normal daily occurrence in our house hold for me to wake up and start the day with the same question "What am I going to do for dinner?" Literally I would go to the store EVERY SINGLE day. I know how ridiculous it is and I hated the time wasted until, that is, I found  this website! I tried the week 1 meal plan. The shopping list is so easy every meal took me no more than 40 min to prepare. On average it was around 30 min. The time and $$$$ I saved going to the store just once was AMAZING!

I just had to pass this along. I will post all about my last min new years party (literally decided to throw it 10 am NYE) and by 8pm it was in full swing.......... to our first Christmas in our home even though we have lived here for three years=) Its been a great end  to a pretty good year. I hope the same for all of you and let the resolution's begin.

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