Sunday, January 9, 2011


The bookcase and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am always amazed at what a little paint can do.  I started at 10 am and  I decided to, for what ever reason, forgo the primer......the lazy in me got the best of me this morning =/. Well due to the lack of primer it took FIVE coats of paint count them 1. I didn't finish until 7pm...oops. I have painted whole rooms in less time so count that as lesson learned ; )

Now back to the bookcase that is now white and organized.

Please ignore the paint supplies I had just finished some touch ups. I still have to figure out how to clean it of the brick...I may be white washing it just to hide the roller slip up =) So I have one project down and by the self promised deadline. YAY. Oh happy day! So hopefully I can keep up this momentum and continue the rest of the living room make over and kit make over.

I just had to post tonight before bed. I am so proud of myself for sticking to the plan, executing the project nicely.

just to remind you here is what it looked like before

straight out of the 70's....bubble light saber and all.

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